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After operating a very successful Arco gas station for 18 years, the owner, Don Cordo decided to open a complete automotive repair center.  Tony Bernardini, Frank Cesarz and Bruce Ferrario joined Don and “Four Star Automotive” was born.  We opened for business in South San Francisco, California in June 1977. For the first few years we the owners were the staff.  As our client base grew so did the company staffing levels.
With hard work, dedication, loyalty, trust and the confidence of our valued customers, we were able to expand our business into two separate facilities in 1984, with Bruce Ferrario heading the automotive facility and Tony Bernardini heading the truck repair facility.  Our company grew to as many as 52 employees.
In 2005, approximately 28 years later, and after the retiring of Don and Frank, Bruce and Tony decided to consolidate the two operations into our current location at 1405 San Mateo Avenue, South San Francisco.  
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About Us Four Star Automotive
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